CATEX 2014 Summary Slides

On November 19, 2014, the All Hazards Consortium, in partnership with the Regional Catastrophic Planning Team of NY-NJ-CT-PA conducted a regional information sharing drill/exercise across three states and New York City.

  • The exercise engaged 60 players and over 100 observers.
  • Players include representatives from state/local government and the electric, fuel, and food sectors.
  • 30+ email injects sent throughout the day (5-6 emails per player)
  • 100+ email responses from players and their constituents
  • Inject topics covered: transportation, electric sector mutual assistance process, waivers, curfews & access of personnel, and food/fuel supply chain outage impacts.

This virtual drill was conducted via email. All players went about their normal business day activities at their own locations and received between 5 to 7 emails throughout the day to reply to or forward to other people for their reply.

The drill focused on identifying the people needed to resolve several key operational issues in the electric, fuel, and food sectors across the Northeast.

The drill also identified regional information sharing processes and organizations that were related to transportation, situational awareness, waivers, declarations, and a variety of other public and private sector issues.

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