Working Group Scope


The initial approach was to establish a Short-Mid-Long-Term strategy for the Working Group in order to properly set expectations for all participants and establish realistic priorities that can be accomplished in certain timeframes. Definitions: Short-term = 6-12 months; Medium-term = 12-18 months; Long-term = 18+ months

The scope of this Working Group will be to:

  • Identify existing protocols, policies, procedures, systems, organizations, and technologies that are already in place within government and the private sector that impact fleet movement
  • Catalog and disseminate information related to state entrance and pass through requirements
  • Conduct annual meetings and exercises between private sector and state/local government participants
  • Identify common operational impediments and gaps and provide recommendations for solutions
  • Coordinate with state and local government planning and operational activities and regulatory requirements
  • Promote awareness, education, and integrated planning
  • Develop products and services
  • Develop recommendations to public and private sector operational leadership
  • Enhanced communication between public and private sector participants
  • Leverage the efforts and activities of the federal government and its agencies who may  play a role in this effort