Expedited, safe and effective restoration of critical infrastructure to support community and business resilience.


The mission of the Multi-State Fleet Response Working Group is to identify and attract people, processes, and technologies that can support the expediting of private sector fleet and resource movement across multiple state lines in response to a disaster. The working group will:

  • Create trusted relationships among its stakeholders
  • Attract membership to the Working Group
  • Identify issues, opportunities, threats and solutions
  • Facilitate integrated planning between public & private sectors
  • Educate all stakeholders in the Working Group on relevant issues
  • Identify and disseminate information (e.g. best practices, reports, etc..)
  • Develop products and services that support the Working Group goals


  1. Develop a unity of effort that builds a stronger multi-state fleet movement community
    1. Create a shared perspective amongst public and private participants through education and training
    2. Provide education to both public and private sector
    3. Conduct annual joint public and private exercises
  2. Identify requirements related to resource movement
    1. Identify catalog and communicate state requirements, contacts, agencies, websites, database, etc… related to entrance and pass through of private sector fleets
  3. Leverage existing organizations, best practices and solutions that can support WG mission
    1. Identify and integrate existing organizations and solutions into this Working Group and its efforts
    2. Identify, catalog and communicate best practices
  4. Promote information sharing
    1. Promote integrated planning between government and private sector WG members
    2. Develop a mechanism for improving information sharing and communications amongst Working Group member organizations
  5. Sustainment
    1. Create a sustainable business model to support the resource requirements of the Working Group’s activities
    2. Identify opportunities for partnership that can increase resources and information sharing
  6. Create tangible results to improve operations
    1. Produce tangible products/services/policies/partnerships that can support operational planning and response activities in the public and private sector
    2. Create central repository of Working Group information