The CATEX Annual Exercise Series

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CATEX (Catastrophic Exercise) is a regional “information sharing based” exercise series being conducted by multiple states and private sector organizations that focuses on rapid restoration of power and supply-chain sectors following disasters along the East Coast.

CATEX was formed out of FEMA’s Regional Catastrophic Planning Grant Program (RCPGP) designed to promote regional planning for future large scale and/or catastrophic events (e.g. SANDY).

CATEX produces “information sharing” based products designed to expedite information flow between multiple states and the life-line sectors (e.g. power, food, fuel, etc..) in order to help communities, governments and businesses get back to business faster following natural, man-made or accidental disasters.

CATEX 2014 will focus on producing information sharing based “exercise modules/drills”, designed by the private sector that address their sector’s specific operational chokepoints in the electric, food and fuel sectors.

These information sharing modules/drills, once tested, can then be integrated into future public and/or private sector exercises around the U.S.

These CATEX sector specific drills can be email based; are easy to use; can be performed within 30 minutes to 4 hours based on need; and can be used as injects into larger exercises.

CATEX 2014 consists of several tabletops exercises and workshops conducted around the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions over the course of the year.  The next workshop is outlined below:

CATEX 2014 Planning Workshop, 9/4/2014, Long Island City, NY

Below is the schedule for the upcoming
Lifeline Sectors Response Coordination Workshop on September 4, 2013