CATEX 2013

The initial CATEX 2013 exercise was a multi-state, private sector functional exercise to fulfill the requirements of the 2012 RCPGP grant guidance. This series initially started with a National Capital Region (NCR) funded exercise in coordination with the states of the AHC. It involved the states of VA, WV, MD, DE, PA and DC making up the NCR and their supporting utilities. This exercise, although limited to FEMA Region III, was carefully monitored by other AHC states of NY, NJ and NC and was used as a foundation for the planned CATEX 2014 exercise.

CATEX 2103 produced several operational products including EULO (Energy/Utility Liaison Officer) training and guidebook; an secure information sharing pilot; a national private sector fleet movement database; and the Regional Fleet Movement Coordination Conference Call process used during the 12/1013 ice storms in Texas.

In the end, however, the complexity of hosting and designing a multi-state, multi-sector functional or full scale exercise proved to be a difficult task and too resource intensive to do annually.

Instead, the public and private sector CATEX planning team agreed to focus CATEX 2014 on developing drills and tabletop exercise “modules” that can easily be integrated into existing and future public and private sector exercises.

Reference: CATEX 2013 Exercise Background & Fleet Movement Data Sharing Portal