FLEET-MOVE Service (Rev 1.0)


FLEET-MOVE is a service that has been designed by private sector operations professionals of the Multi-State Fleet Response Working Group to help expedite fleet movement across state lines around the US.

It provides access to national database of centralized state entrance and pass through requirement websites, systems information databases.

It centralizes both public and private sector information across the nation in support multi-state movement coordination of commercial fleets across state lines with regional state emergency managers, police, transportation, and related agencies that are involved with toll/weigh stations, declarations, commercial motor vehicles, permits, roadway usage/conditions, and other relevant fleet movement information.

FLEET-MOVE will continually evolve and improve over time via feedback from the Multi-State Fleet Response Working Group Members

Supporting Documents & Resources:

1)      Fleet Movement Coordination Initiative Information Packet (revised 7-03-2014)

2)      YouTube Video on Initiating the Fleet Movement Coordination Process (revised 5-25_2014)