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Do extended power outages delay your organization’s response efforts?

Exclusive new app for businesses to use during large scale power outages!


New Power Outage App For Businesses Leverages Global Satellite Network Data To Find And Route Workers To Open Locations For Fuel, Food, Medicine, Hotels And More.


Helps You Locate and Get Directions To Open Stores For Essential Supplies & Services:

  • Gas & diesel fuel
  • Fast food
  • Convenience store items like milk/bread/eggs/etc…
  • Medications & medical supplies
  • Building materials
  • Hotels

Designed for commercial use to save time for:

  • Utility Fleets
  • First Responders
  • Essential Personnel
  • Response & Restoration Crews
  • Contractors & Construction Workers
  • Suppliers
  • Delivery Trucks
  • Insurance Estimators and Adjusters
  • Media Crews


The FLEET OPEN/CLOSED App is a revolutionary new online business app that leverages global satellite technology and helps operations professionals locate and be routed to open places of business that provide gasoline/diesel fuel, food/coffee, medications & medical supplies, retails stores and hotel rooms during a disaster or prolonged power outage within a city, county, state, region or across the United States.

Used during SANDY in 2012, this app’s data became the central planning data for thousands of businesses, the white house, federal government, states and utility/delivery crews during first 2-3 days of the storm.

This unique web applications provides real-time, 24×7, local/regional/nation status of open/closed business locations to be used by operations professionals and their contractors in support of their disaster response and business continuity efforts.