Supported by its members, the Multi-State Fleet Response Working Group develops operational products and services in support of their mission, goals and objectives. These Products & Services are designed to address specific needs on the private sector with regards to fleet and resource movement across state lines.

The Products and Services focus on several categories:

  • Integrated Planning
  • Education & Training
  • Annual Exercises (CATEX)
  • Data Sharing & Situational Awareness
  • Joint Operational Solution Development

As with most products and services, these offerings will be released with limited capability and developed over time based on available resources.

Products and Services will be grouped into three categories as outlined below:

    • Group A – available to public, at no cost
    • Group B – available to all registered applicants, requires an additional cost
    • Group C – customized to specific organizational/requirements, require additional costs on a per quote basis

Product and Service ideas are developed jointly between government and private sector members of the Working Group and its subcommittees.

Focusing on specific operational issues, solution concepts are generated and discussed jointly. Once agreed to conceptually, the solution is then adopted by a Working Group member organization to develop and test. Once testing is completed, the product or service is deployed.

Examples of Products and Services are as follows:

Fleet products and services chart