Social Media Decision Support Tools

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SocialMediaReport-logoWeekly “Analyzed” Social Media Trending Reports

Members of the Working Group will receive a copy of the Weekly Social Media Trends Report  designed to support decision makers in government and the private sector.

These reports are screened and analyzed by professional social media analysts who perform this same function for key federal officials and private sector organizations.

Sectors covered:

•       Energy

•       Agribusiness

•       Insurance/Healthcare

•       Financial Services

•       World Wide Intelligence

The reports addresses risks in several areas  included:

–          Operational  Risks

–          Reputational Risks

–          Activism Risks

–          Legal Risks

–          Regulatory Risks

The reports will provide both government and private sector with improved awareness to certain social media  threats, enhanced ideas on how to other organizations are addressing social media threats  and creating actionable  information to make operational decisions.

If you would like to begin receiving a copy of these weekly reports, please send your email to us here: [email protected]