E-ZPass Commercial Account Process Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this a new process?
    No. We bring to your attention that the business rules in Delaware are flexible and will allow multiple trucks and vehicles to be listed on the E-ZPass commercial account without the addition of corresponding transponders.

  2. Who do I call with questions?
    The Delaware E-ZPass Customer Service desk at 1-888-397-2773

  3. Is this process legal?
    Yes. You will be establishing a legal E-ZPass commercial account in the state of Delaware according to their business rules. This process has been approved by the Delaware State Toll Administration and their vendor TransCore.

  4. Does this mean I don’t need a transponder in every vehicle?
    Yes. Because of Delaware’s business rules, you can open an E-ZPass commercial account with a single transponder and upload additional trucks and vehicles without purchasing transponders for each truck and vehicle. This process is only recommended for emergency use and not for day-to day usage.

  5. What happens after my vehicle goes through the E-ZPass toll booth without a transponder?
    There will be a red light or some other indication of a “toll not paid” condition. No worries. A video/picture of the front/back of the trucks and vehicles will be taken and used to trace the license plate back to your E-ZPass commercial account and the toll will be deducted from your available toll balance. A valid credit card attached to the commercial account will be charged a replenishment amount when your account available toll balance reaches the low balance threshold.

  6. Does this process work for all E-ZPass toll booths?
    . There are a few exceptions where toll gates have a swing arm type of gate that open/close but these are very few. In these cases the trucks and vehicles will need to use the “manned” toll gates. These are not normally found on the major routes. The trucks and vehicles should be equipped with a placard that shows your company logo and E-ZPass commercial account number.

  7. Does this process work in Florida?
    No. Florida uses the state owed SunPass system which is a different system with different business rules.

  8. Does this mean we don’t pay tolls?
    No. This means you can pay tolls using your E-ZPass commercial account linked to a credit card for all trucks and vehicles that that are listed on your E-ZPass commercial account.

  9. What if I don’t have a vehicle listed on my E-ZPass account that passed through the E-ZPass lane?
    The trucks and vehicles will be flagged for a violation. An attempt to find the vehicle’s E-ZPass commercial account will be made. If the trucks and vehicles are not linked to a valid E-ZPass commercial account, a violation notice will be issued from the Toll Road Authority where the toll violation occurred.

  10. Can I add vehicle(s) to my E-ZPass account quickly or while they are already en-route?
    Yes. You can add vehicles to your E-ZPass commercial account quickly by using the online access to the account. You can log in and enter the information manually. It usually will take 24 to 48 hours for the new vehicle information to be distributed throughout the E-ZPass agency network. Sometimes it is faster. You can also call the Delaware EZPass Customer Service desk at 1-888-397-2773 if you need assistance for special situations. Remember that all of your trucks and vehicles will need to have a placard inside their glove box with your company logo and E-ZPass commercial account number on it.