Education & Training Products

Below are listed some of the online Education and Training
products produced by the Working Group during 2013.




EZ-PASS Commercial Account Guidebook Report

Designed to help out of utilities better understand and the EZ-Pass Electronic Toll Collection during emergencies that require their fleets to come into the EZ-Pass region where they don’t normally travel.

2013 Multi-State Fleet Response Initiative Workshop Report

The report captures the participants, issues, discussions, lessons learned, best practices, current solutions, outcomes, opportunities and recommendations from the electric and fuel (gas/oil) sectors post Hurricane Sandy.

EEI Report on the Electric Sector Mutual Aid Basics

The Mutual Assistance 101 webpage helps government and private sector officials understand the basic of the power network and how companies share people and resources routinely:

Fleet Movement Coordination Conf Call Concept

These three short video describe the Regional Fleet Movement Coordination Conference Call Process used to expedite utility and supply chain fleets from the East Coast into TX, AR and OK during the Dec 2013 ice storms that impacted the Central US

Fleet Movement (Road, Toll, Weigh Stations) Data Sharing Portal Video Series

This video series demonstrates the Fleet Movement Data Sharing Portal being used by the Multi-State Fleet Response Working Group to expedite fleet movement through roads, toll stations and weigh stations for power and supply chain restoration efforts across state lines in response to disasters.

Public/Private Integrated Planning for Power Restoration

These short videos provide an overview of how companies and states on the East Coast planned together to create a sustained Integrated Planning Framework with working groups, annual exercises and jointly developed operational products to be used to expedite power and supply chain restoration following large multi-state disasters like Hurricane SANDY.

Fleet Movement Data Sharing Portal Demonstration

This series of short videos provide a demonstration of the Fleet Response Working Group’s Fleet Movement Data Sharing portal designed to help private sector expedite fleet movement across state lines.

CATEX Power & Supply Chain Annual Exercise Background & Tools

These short video series explains the history behind the multi-year CATEX Annual Exercise Series and the exercise tools generated by the private sector for the CATEX 2013 annual exercise in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the U.S.

Regional Integrated Planning Initiative

This short video series explains the Integrated Planning Initiative and its results developed by the states and urban areas in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions to begin joint planning, training and exercises with the private sector owners and operators of the critical infrastructure in the sectors of power, food, transportation, telecommunications, water, medical, emergency services, finance, retail, information technology, and commercial facilities.

Integrated Planning Framework Overview

These videos explain the Working Groups and the work products being produced by the Regional Integrated Planning Framework developed by the states and companies working together on the East Coast.

Secure Private Sector Information Sharing Pilot

This video series explains the Fleet Working Group’s conceptual approach the public/private information sharing of sensitive operational data in order to improve Situational Awareness and expedite fleet movement for responses to disasters. It showcases a basic overview of credentialing standards within the DOD and federal government along with a Virginia pilot project with the state and private sector. Using the PIV-I identify management standard and partnering with TSCP (, a world leader in standards for sharing sensitive information, Virginia and the Fleet Working Group are leveraging a process to share sensitive information being used by 12+ million users in the Defense Industrial based and US Department of Defense.

The Essential Emergency Manager: What Do They Do & How Do They Do It

This short video is the NY-NJ-CT-PA Regional Catastrophic Planning Team’s (RCPT) attempt at explaining what emergency managers do and how they do it.

The Power Sector Webinar Series

This recorded webinar series is designed to educate people to the electric sector’s basic fundamental components; The Electric Sector Mutual Aid Process; Understanding the National Power Grid and How it Impacts Time-frames for Power Restoration; and a Case Study – ConEdison’s Post SANDY Experience

Post Super-Storm SANDY Webinar Series

In July of 2013, the All Hazards Consortium, in partnership with the Multi-State Fleet Response Working Group, hosted two webinars focused on the impacts of Super-Storm SANDY and how the State of New Jersey and New York City’s Office of Emergency Management responded to a variety of major issues caused by this unique massive storm.  The information presented focused on efforts undertaken to support the needs of both the private sector and government agencies.