2013 Annual Report

2013 Fleet WG annual reports cover pic 2


The leadership of the Multi-State Fleet Response Working Group, along with its partners from the All Hazards Consortium, the Edison Electric Institute, and its Executive Steering Committee would like to announce the release of their first Annual Report for calendar year 2013.

This Annual Report provides an overview of the Working Group’s activities and accomplishments since its formation in January 2013.

The report contains information regarding the Working Group’s major accomplishments in 2013 and its strategic objective for 2014. Highlights include:

– Creating a Regional Integrated Planning Framework (page 3)

– Expediting the Canada / US Border crossing process (page 3)
– Conducting its first multistate, multi-sector annual exercise called CATEX (page 4)

– Creating a new process to expedite power restoration and fleet movement across the Eastern U.S (page 4)

– Receiving national recognition for information sharing between private and public sectors (page 5)

Regarding the Working Group: (pages 6-8)

– What does the Working Group do?
– What are the Working Group’s benefits to the private sector and government?
– Who leads the Working Group?

Regarding Meetings and Conferences: (pages 9-11)

– Meetings with federal agencies, the Department of Defense, and the White House

– Meetings with electric sector organizations across the United States

– Briefings to senior executives in the electric sector

Regarding Programs and Products: (pages 12-16)

– Producing a post hurricane Sandy report with recommendations and action plan

– Producing an annual work plan

– Creating a national data sharing portal

– A new private-sector liaison training guide

– The regional fleet movement coordination initiative

– A working group charter

– A working group informational website

– Numerous educational webinars and training material

– An easy pass commercial account guidebook report and pilot project

– Weekly analyze social media reports To support private sector decision-making

– PIV-I secure information sharing pilot

– Partnerships

Regarding 2014 Objectives: (pages 17-21)

– The top six objectives for 2014

– Specific areas of focus

Regarding Stakeholders, Supporters, and Participants: (pages 22-23)

– The Edison electric Institute
– The I95 Corridor Coalition
– The Transglobal Secure Collaboration Program
– 100+ Stakeholders, Supporters & Participants from around the U.S.


Below are download links for two versions of this report:

– The “low resolution” format for download and viewing the file (3mb)

– The “high resolution” format for printing the file (12mb)

These reports do not contain any sensitive or secure information, and they are available for general distribution.