2013 SANDY Report

2013 Fleet Post Sandy Report cover pic 2The Multi-State Fleet Response Working Group released a new report produced from their recent workshop held on January 30, 2013 in Philadelphia, PA.


The report captures the participants, issues, discussions, lessons learned, best practices, current solutions, outcomes, opportunities and recommendations from the electric and fuel (gas/oil) sectors.

Regarding the Private Sector Fleet Movement Issue(s):

  • Who participated and what was the objective? Pg. 4, 22
  • Why is multi-state fleet/resource movement across state borders a top concern among power/electric sector CEO’s during a response? Pg.5
  • What are the main issues? Pg.6
  • What are the near-term, mid-term and long term opportunities for improvement of fleet movement? Pg. 7
  • How can the EZ Pass system (and similar systems) be leveraged to expedite private sector fleet movement and improve state toll collections for certain fleets of trucks? What are limitations to this approach? Pg. 7
  • What government partnerships are developing to help address this private sector issue nationally? Pg. 8

Regarding the Electrical Sector:

  • What were the lessons learned from Sandy?
  • How did the electric sector work with NJ Office of Information Technology to develop a work around process to expedite fleets/trucks through tool stations? Pg. 9-11
  • What were the joint recommendations to solve some key issues? Page 20-21

Regarding the Fuel (Oil & Gas) Sector:

  • How and where was the oil and gas infrastructure damaged? Pg. 12
  • What were some of government’s lessons learned from Sandy? The private sector’s? Pg. 13-15
  • How did the private sector prepare for Sandy? How did government prepare? Pg. 16-17
  • What were the key recommendations from the gas and oil sectors? Pg. 20-21


Download Full Report Single Page Format (file size 4Mb):

Multi-State Fleet Response Workshop Report-02-21-13-Final-large.pdf

Download Full Report Double Page Format (file size 2Mb):

Multi-State Fleet Response Workshop Report-02-21-13-Final-small.pdf