2014 Fleet Response Working Group Annual Report

2015-FRWG-report-coverThe leadership of the Multi-State Fleet Response Working Group, along with its partners from the All Hazards Consortium, the Edison Electric Institute, and the members of their Executive Steering Committee would like to announce the release of their  Annual Report for calendar year 2014.

This Annual Report provides an overview of the Working Group’s activities and accomplishments during 2014 and the first quarter of 2015.

The report contains information regarding the Working Group’s major accomplishments in 2013 and its strategic objective for 2014. Highlights include:


Regarding the Working Group’s Vision, 2015 Objectives & Areas of Focus: (pages 3-4)

– An overview of the FRWG

Operational Case Studies: (pages 5-6)

– A listing of several “real world” case studies that illustrate the FRWG’s operational purpose and benefits

Significant Meetings and Conferences: (pages 7-8)

– A listing of the major meetings and events during 2014

Current Initiatives: (pages 9-10)

– A list of the active FRWG initiatives

Trending Topics, Technologies & Solutions: (page 11)

– New areas of interest being tracked by the FRWG

Partnerships: (page 12-13)

– Operational partners of the FRWG

Products & Services: (pages 14-19)

– A table that lists the solutions produced by the FRWG

Participants & Stakeholder: (pages 20-21)

– A listing of the organizations that support the FRWG



Below are download links for two versions of this report:

– The “high resolution” format for download and viewing the file (5.5mb)

– The “low resolution” format for download and viewing the file (4mb)

These reports do not contain any sensitive or secure information, and they are available for general distribution.