The All Hazards Consortium, along with its Multi-State Fleet Working Group, fosters integrated planning and education between the public and private sectors in order to build a common, shared perspective on specific issues.

Working under the assumption that no one person or organization knows everything about an issue, educational webinars serve as a proven tool to gather various perspectives on an issue.

These webinars help to educate public and private stakeholders on operational needs and identify opportunities to leverage resources and investments in order to get business back to business faster, resulting in increased resiliency of their agencies, businesses, and communities.

Below is a directory (listed in chronological order) of educational webinars on specific topics and/or initiatives.

May 2014

An Educational Webinar to Help People Understand the Different Impacts of Weather on Types of Multi-State Fleet and Resource Movement: Wednesday May 28, 2014

Why Do Some Storms Require Electric Utility Fleet Movement While Others Don’t?

This is an Educational Webinar to Help People Understand the Different Impacts of Weather on Types of Multi-State Fleet and Resource Movement.

CLICK HERE to download slide deck used during this webinar


April 2014

Updated Fleet Response Working Group Overview 4_17_2014

This webinar provides an update on the latest activities and strategies of the Working Group.

It uses the slide deck produced by the Working Group that is being presented around the U.S. in various government and privates sector conferences and meetings.

CLICK HERE to download slide deck used during this webinar



2014 Fleet Webinar Update 1 15 2014


CATEX Annual Exercise Series

This series of short “chalk-talk” videos provide a visual overview of the public/private sector planned CATEX annual exercise series being conducted in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions of the U.S. to help expedite power and supply chain restoration via fleet movement across state lines.

Fleet Movement Data Portal Demonstration

This series of short videos provide a demonstration of the Fleet Working Group’s Fleet Movement Data Portal designed to help private sector expedite fleet movement across state lines.


The Fleet Movement Coordination Conference Call Concept

This series of short “chalk-talk” type video that provide a visual overview of a new coordination conference call being tested between states and utilities to help expedite power restoration and fleet movement efforts in response to disasters.

The Essential Emergency Manager: What Do They Do and How Do They Do It

One of the greatest challenges for emergency managers is proving their value to elected officials, the tax paying public and even to each other. When they get that quizzical look from the budget people and the pointed question from public leaders, “What does the office of emergency management do. . . exactly?” they sometimes struggle to communicate this information effectively.

According to some emergency managers, the complication is that emergency management is like insurance with an associated daily cost that no one wants to pay up front but whose value becomes apparent only when really bad things happen. Worse yet, because their primary mission is to enable effective action by OTHERS, it’s precisely when they are doing their jobs well that they are almost invisible!

This short graphic video is the NY-NJ-CT-PA Regional Catastrophic Planning Team’s (RCPT) shot at explaining what they do and how they do it.


JULY 2013

The Power Sector Webinar Series:

  • The Electric Sector Mutual Aid Process
  • Understanding the National Power Grid and How it Impacts Time-frames for Power Restoration
  • Case Study – Con ED Post SANDY Experience

Post Super-Storm SANDY Webinar Series:

  • New York City Response Efforts
  • New Jersey Response Efforts

MAY 2013

The Cascading Impacts of Electric Power Outage Series

  • Electric Sector Priorities & Interdependencies With Other Lifeline Sectors
  • Government Priorities & Expectations From Industry During Emergency Events
  • Improving Resilience Against Cascading Impacts In Future Energy Outages

APRIL 2013

The Cyber Security Threatscape Webinar