The Power Sector Webinar Series:

In July 2013, the Multi -State Fleet Response Working Group and its private sector critical infrastructure owners and operators in the energy/electric sector hosted an educational webinar series focused on helping citizens, governmental organizations, legislators, regulators, and businesses reliant upon electricity better understand how electric companies, co-ops and trade organizations worked together to restore the power during Super Storm Sandy and other major storms and events.

Problem Statement
In the wake of Super Storm Sandy, the need was elevated for a more clear understanding of how the electric power gets restored, how companies coordinate and work together to share crews and trucks from around the country to respond, and what types of things delay the power restoration process.

  • Government legislators are asking, ‘why do power crews have to leave our state when our power is off?’
  • Business owners need to know how long power will be out so they can plan to reopen as fast as possible.
  • Citizens complain to their governments and power companies when the power is out for long periods.
  • Government responders and emergency managers need to better understand how utility crews may have to pass through their states in order to respond to another state(s) outages.

Webinar #1 – Understanding the Mutual Aid Investor Owned Utilities process and how the electric sector shares people, trucks and costs in responding to power outages

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Webinar #2 – Understanding the national power grid and how it impacts timeframes for power restoration to occur

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Webinar #3 – A case study showing ConEd’s challenges and logistical efforts in New York City to restore power following Super Storm Sandy

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